Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cabin Fever

Willow is still sick. Harper seems to be coming down with the same lurgy. We've spent an awful lot of time hanging at home over the last week & it looks like more to come. I don't think the chilly Melbourne wind would be great for coughing kids-& I'm pretty sure no one else wants to catch it.
We went to playgroup on Tuesday cause Williw looked relatively snot-free. Halfway through the green strings were hanging out of her nose again & there they have stayed-not literally of course. But no amount if wiping keeps them away.

On the good side-we've had some nice , chilled out time. Done some baking, painting & endless glueing of crap to paper. I even made playdoh!
On the bad side-get me outta here!! I'm bored & craving company. The kids are fighting & annoying each other.

But it is what it is. Tv is getting a workout & we're running out of craft glue. It is nice not to have to be anywhere but sick, bored & bottled up kids are no fun.

I'm counting down til Luke comes home for some adult conversafion :-)

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Stitch Sista said...

Oh dear. I think the lurgy is about to hit here too...poor N has got a stuffy nose and I can feel it coming.

Hope your babes are all better very soon! Cabin fever sucks!

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