Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New pleasure

I'm really starting to enjoy packing away the kids toys. Surprised? Well it's not for the anal reasons you think LOL.
I love looking at the games that have been played before I pack them away. We had some friends over yesterday & it appears that the dolls were being treated to tea & some sort of soup with veggies...and watermelon. The My Little Ponies were all lined up (they seem to do that a lot) and stuffed animals were enjoying birthday cake. Looks like the plastic animals were being caged up in a zoo as well. My kids get lots of time for free play & they are really making up some involved games of late. The play kitchen & bits are such good toys & lots of games stem from that. The plastic animals & blocks get heaps of love as well. Not to mention that they are often dressed up while playing.
I am endlessly facinated at seeing how my kids minds work. Free play is so nourishing to that & packing the toys away gives me a peek into those amazing minds :-)

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