Saturday, June 6, 2009

Repeat repeat repeat

My kids are parrots. They pick stuff up from all sorts of places and repeat it. The TV, friends, books and (scary) even me.There is nothing that makes you feel as crap as when your kid says- "you are driving me crazy!!" and know that you have said the same thing to them-and that it doesn't feel very nice.
Tannah talks in "twin speak" like her besties. "We don't like...." and "we're not doing.."feature highly in her vocab. Tannah also repeats a lot of stuff she sees on the telly-another reason to switch off. Not to mention my little pearls like "Harper is a pest" hmmm that sound not so good from a kids mouth-why is it OK from an adult?
Willow copies a LOT of what her hero-Tannah-says. She told me something was too spicy the other day.Tannah is a hater of spice. She also like to sing (la la la la laaaa) and has a pretty amazing memory for songs at her age I think.

It's just making me watch what others are saying in front of them that's for sure....maybe I need to watch my mouth..


katef said...

I am hearing a constant parrot of "What the heck???" from Z and "Helloooooooooo???" from I (complete with eye roll) and M.. he's up for anyone to teach him something new and terrible to repeat... it's fun till he tells you to 'Shut up'
Ah the joys of parenting

Sif said...

I like it when they parrot, but don't quite get it right... We're always telling the boys, "You look so cool in that!", and Bryn will now get dressed, look in the mirror and say, "I look LIKE cool!" rofl...

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