Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sick kids

Willow has bronchiolitis. She is sick enough that we're using the prescription strength tough stuff to help her breathe. We're hoping to avoid a hospital trip-it's looking pretty good at this stage that some inside time and herbals-as well as the steroids will be enough to get us through.

I hate it when my kids get sick-especially when you can hear and see that they are not breathing easily. But the part that always gets me is I feel like I've failed them somehow. Not given them enough healthy food or exercise or love or whatever.It feels like a reflection on my parenting.

It's a pretty crap yardstick I've decided to choose because kids get sick. Even the breastfed, not vaccinated, organic eating, live on a bloody farm breathing clean air stress free never had antibiotics vegan kids. but I can't seem to talk myself out of it. Like the fact that we have chosen to do things a little differently means if I EVER have to use conventional medicine the natural way is a total failure and I chose wrong. It looks silly as I write it down but I feel like how sick my kids get is in direct relation to how well the way we eat, supplement and even parent.

I'm sure other parents pick yardsticks of their own like grades or manners or good behaviour or something.

But I will do whatever it takes from whatever school of medicine to help my kids be as well as they possibly can-failure or not.

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katef - said...

ah I totally hear you... I second guess everything I have ever done when my kids get sick. The girl's especially... and I start way back at the beginning of not being able to have just one freaking baby at a time! LOL Totally irrational but we mothers are good at that!

But you know.. I think the fact that you use whatever healthy care system that is needed and that works is a sign that you are a wise parent... not someone who is all one way or all the other who then looses out on the good points of each camp.... not making much sense here so I should stop now!

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