Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tandem feeding musings

I tandem feed.
For those that don't know what that is I'll elaborate. I am breastfeeding both my 10 week old and my almost two year old.Not always at the same time lol.

Willow still needs my milk so when I became pregnant there was never any question that I would force her to wean. Sure, during the pregnancy there were times that I really hated it. I had supply issues and sore nipples, not to mention it became rather awkward as the months progressed. But we made it!

And here we are-tandem feeding. Some of you reading this have or are currently tandem feeding. Some of you may not have realized that it was possible. Some of you may even be horrified to think someone would do such a thing. Here are my thoughts.

I think it's a blessing :-) I still get milky snuggles with my fast growing toddler and she is still getting all the good things from my milk. It has helped with that full feeling you get in the morning-nobody takes the pressure off like a toddler. When I do feed them at the same time (and I admittedly avoid this at all costs cause it's pretty uncomfortable for me) it is lovely to watch them interact. My breastfeeding relationship with my newborn has not been in any way compromised by feeding her sister as well.
Of course there are days that I wonder why on earth I would do this, there are times i would like a free lap-for just an hour, I get touched out, I'm always hungry and thirsty and sometimes just walking the road less traveled can be hard.

So I write this post to those of you who might be feeling pressure to wean while pregnant or to wean your toddler or who might be wondering if it's even possible. Know that your milk is good for your child as long as they want it, know that plenty of women have tandem fed-even if in the closet and know that while it's sometimes tough, sometimes you look down and see two content, milky kids looking back at you.

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Leah said...

"My breastfeeding relationship with my newborn has not been in any way compromised by feeding her sister as well."

You need only post a photo of those gorgeous rolypoly thighs to forever put to rest any idea W is pinching any needed milk lol You must be the very definition of abundance!

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