Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I know

-hearing your child struggle to breathe is awful
-Whenever I plead to the universe for Harper to "sleep long enough so I can shower/eat/empty dishwasher" I should always add "and have a chai" to the end of it
-I have such awesome friends and spending time with them is always a joy
-ebay is dangerous and I should never look there
-the cooing noise babies make melts your heart
-a clean floor and folded washing is the secret to happiness
-never ask to see the scar from where your husband has had his vasectomy
-4 year old girls can be lovely and bitchy in the space of a few short minutes
-every meal should end with vegan cupcakes
-a seasonal table is just another toy for the kids which puts dry leaves everywhere
-Willow thinks hommus is a food group
-never ever check your toddlers nappy status with a hand down the back of the nappy
-I am blessed

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