Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cough cough cough

Willow is coughing AGAIN!! Harper seems to have relapsed a little too. Tannah remains healthy and cough free. Thank the goddess for small favours huh?
I'm going spare. Really. They are fighting constantly, which is just getting harder to deal with without yelling at them myself. We have missed lots of fun things & spent a fair whack of cash on herbal gear.
Not to mention all the coughing when I'm trying to sleep.

I feel like stamping my foot and "hhmmmpphh"ing like Tannah & whining "it's not faaiirrrr".

Harper is only 15 weeks & Willow has been sick for most of that. So the neediness of a newborn and a toddler who is not yet 2 has been amplified by illness. This gig could actually be pretty cruisy if I wasn't forever dealing an unwell kid (or two!). The amount of night time dealing with coughing has been more than a newborn feeding cause Harper is easy at night. Noott faaaiiirrr!!

And poor Tannah is missing out on more time with me cause I'm dealing with sickies. So she is wetting the bed. I understand why she is regressing but I could live without it!

I am aware that it could be SO much worse but this is my reality and I give sick kids a bit hhhmmmppffffff!!

OK whinge over. Off to make the lunchtime herbal....

1 comment:

Leah said...

'tis really not fun and our bad run hasn't been as bad as yours! I also hear balancing frustration of sick healthy kids versus really sick ones ... can't even enjoy a good decent whinge without worrying someone else has scary sick kids!

We must endeavour to appreciate the germ veil lifting when the warmer weather comes! No taking it for granted!

This be hating season lol

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