Friday, July 31, 2009

I want more!

I feel like I'm almost afraid to make the leap to living more simply.
I love "stuff" oh man I just LOVE stuff. I love to buy it and covet it and browse it. Every so often I get this feeling like I'm trying to fill a hole. And it's never filled with stuff. I don't know what the hole is or where it came from but I've tried filling it with other things when I was younger-booze, casual love etc but that never worked either.
I am starting to wonder if I should be filling the hole with LESS.

The things that make my soul sing are all free. My children. My husband. My friends and family. Sunshine. And just nurturing myself, my relationships, the earth. Passing on knowledge to my children. Gaining knowledge myself. Baking something healthy and delicious.

The role of a stay at home mother who home educates her kids who are all closely spaced is not always easy. It's tiring and frustrating at times. But for the most part it's rewarding and having the pleasure of being home and not at work to see my children grow is a pleasure. I love Tannah telling me what her drawings are all about. I love it when Willow wants me to be Charlie so she can be Lola. I love sitting and watching Harper's eyes smile at me when she feeds.

There is no book or pram or sling or nappy that could ever fill a hole like those things do.

So maybe the more I want is less? Living more simply. Living in the moment.


Juniper said...

Great post, I can totally relate! I def tried to fill the hole in the past with booze/sex etc.., and often try now with "stuff", but like you, I have found it just doesn't work!

I agree, "less" is "more" in so many aspects of life! I am also finding myself wanting to "pare back" and decluttering is part of me wanting to reduce the "want" in my life, and enjoy what I have in the moment.

Keep posting on this, I would love to hear how you go in your quest for less stuff and more living simply and with less and in the moment.

Sif said...

One of my goals for August is to start selling stuff we don't use on ebay/elsewhere. In the past I've just chucked or given away stuff when I was feeling suffocated by all the stuff I'd accumulated because I also love STUFF...

Anyway, once I've got this happening, I'm going to set up a fund for something like a roadtrip to see my parents with all the kids and D and sell stuff to put towards that trip...

Rofl. the verification word for this comment is "spacess", I wonder if that's what you get when you rid yourself of all "excess"?

Stitch Sista said...

I have been thinking about this stuff a bit myself, because ever since we've moved I've been feeling a bit spendy...and I think it's in direct correlation to feeling a bit 'lost' in my new environs. So IOW also to 'fill a hole'.

I know from experience it doesn't work - and you are spot on, the important stuff, the stuff that makes your heart sing is totally free!

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