Monday, July 6, 2009

A long day

Today was Luke's RDO. We always waste his RDO's and today was going to see me take off with the kids for the day & he would potter here. Harper hates car travel & screams a lot whenever you drive anywhere. The idea of an hour in the car was making me nervous & Luke was craving family time so we made a snap decision to jump on a train & hit the zoo.
Sounds fun right? Here's how today went,

We had 30 minutes to get out of our pj's and to the train station-the fact we made it was a miracle but we did. Harper protesting at being rushed & Willow fast approaching nap time but we pressed on. At the train station we realized our pram had a flat. No biggie, we'll pump of up at the zoo. Train ride is going ace! For 10 minutes then Willow is tired & cranky & wanting to run around the moving train. Navigate train station, change trains ( cranky kid wants to be carried, flat tyre) Willow has tantrum on train & Harper is refusing to sleep-just whinging & puking all the extra "go to sleep" milk. We get there!!
Tannah trips & skins her knee at the station-carries on like leg broken.
Get into zoo!! Harper falls asleep! Luke breaks the pump the zoo lends us. While we are having lunch it starts raining, then pouring & the temperature drops about 10 degrees. Tannah & Willow are fighting & whineing. Harper wakes.

I start laughing. I look at Luke " are we having fun yet?" He laughs too.

We buy ponchos. Eat lunch & set out.

Willow falls asleep. Harper does too. It's wet, the pram tyre is fucked but Tannah is having a ball. We see the animals & there are no crowds cause of the weather which is ace. The trip home wasn't too bad either.

We stop at a friends house with a couple of other mums on the way home. Should have known better. I had clingy, tired and annoying kids. Dinner was hell with much arguing & complaining-especially about the dippiness of Tannah's egg yolk (give me strength) but now they are asleep. Even Harper who has been fighting that one all day.

It was a truly looong day and I need a stiff drink. But I think the kids had fun....didn't they? Off for a new pram tyre in the morning.

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