Monday, July 6, 2009

A long day

Today was Luke's RDO. We always waste his RDO's and today was going to see me take off with the kids for the day & he would potter here. Harper hates car travel & screams a lot whenever you drive anywhere. The idea of an hour in the car was making me nervous & Luke was craving family time so we made a snap decision to jump on a train & hit the zoo.
Sounds fun right? Here's how today went,

We had 30 minutes to get out of our pj's and to the train station-the fact we made it was a miracle but we did. Harper protesting at being rushed & Willow fast approaching nap time but we pressed on. At the train station we realized our pram had a flat. No biggie, we'll pump of up at the zoo. Train ride is going ace! For 10 minutes then Willow is tired & cranky & wanting to run around the moving train. Navigate train station, change trains ( cranky kid wants to be carried, flat tyre) Willow has tantrum on train & Harper is refusing to sleep-just whinging & puking all the extra "go to sleep" milk. We get there!!
Tannah trips & skins her knee at the station-carries on like leg broken.
Get into zoo!! Harper falls asleep! Luke breaks the pump the zoo lends us. While we are having lunch it starts raining, then pouring & the temperature drops about 10 degrees. Tannah & Willow are fighting & whineing. Harper wakes.

I start laughing. I look at Luke " are we having fun yet?" He laughs too.

We buy ponchos. Eat lunch & set out.

Willow falls asleep. Harper does too. It's wet, the pram tyre is fucked but Tannah is having a ball. We see the animals & there are no crowds cause of the weather which is ace. The trip home wasn't too bad either.

We stop at a friends house with a couple of other mums on the way home. Should have known better. I had clingy, tired and annoying kids. Dinner was hell with much arguing & complaining-especially about the dippiness of Tannah's egg yolk (give me strength) but now they are asleep. Even Harper who has been fighting that one all day.

It was a truly looong day and I need a stiff drink. But I think the kids had fun....didn't they? Off for a new pram tyre in the morning.


Mel said...

Oh crap! Sounds exhausting but worth it in the end.

Sif said...

Public transport with kids sucks the big one!!! Dave thinks we might have a car by September - WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!

...Oops, got a bit sidetracked there...

Well, sounds like Tannnah had fun at the park and Harper finally went to sleep, and you got to spend time together as a family (which, even when it's hard, is still totally worth it)... Good day, if long!

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