Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Whenever I go looking for hand-me-down clothes ( it's a mission-why don't they stay organized??) I always have such fun going through the clothes. They remind me of certain times that the older child wore them. I love that we have other peoples hand me downs too. Sharing the love always gives me a case of the awwww's.
I had to go through the size 2 clothes yesterday to find some new duds for Willow-she's too long for size 1 but a lot of the size 2 stuff is too wide, it's painful LOL. A lot of these clothes Tannah was wearing just before & just after we moved to QLD. Just looking at them bought up a lot of memories-I was pregnant with Willow when Tannah was wearing them. It's a shame they don't smell like then, just like they need a wash!

For a total consumer who loves buying new clothes- I sure get a lot of joy from the hand-me-downs :)

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