Friday, July 3, 2009

Things I know

-thai food + breastfeeding= farting baby
-I am conditioned to point out cows & horses out the car window, even when the kids are not with me
-treating sick kids with natural medicine is Expensive. Capital intended.
-3 kids & co sleeping is a very effective form of contraception
-when you get a spontaneous " luv yooo Mummy" the previous nights feet in your back are forgotten
- dummies are horrible plastic things-bless their magical powers
-4 year old girls can sound very much like 15 year old girls.
-I am very settled and happy in Victoria, I'm even getting used to the cold!
-sometimes the bathroom counter gets brushed more than the kids teeth when you are not looking
-peeing alone is a distant memory


Nic said...

hahahahahahahaha can relate to every single point !

Spiralmumma said...

LOL very cool. Dummies are evil. Bless their cotton socks. I was spewing when Sienna refused to take hers after her op!

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