Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I know

-kids like having the same book read over & over & over...but my cat likes to hide in boxes. Sorry thought I was reading that book again.
-if something smells like sour milk it's probably a baby spew on my shoulder.
-you can fit 3 kids & 1 adult in a queen size bed pretty well.
-spending money on boring necessities like new car tyers is no fun.
-I wish there was a healthy vegetarian takeaway round the corner. Though I may never cook dinner again if that were so.
-I'm happy with raising 3 kids but could be pregnant & give birth a few more times
-i'll be madly trying to get Wiggles tickets Monday morning with everyone else. It's the closest I get to a big gig these days!

1 comment:

Stitch Sista said...

Ha ha, we just returned that book to the library!

Things I who feeds like a newborn, shits like a newborn. But I'm sure you knew that :P.

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