Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm not really one I guess. I don't EAT any animals or their products. I do have the occasional teaspoon of honey in my chai though. So a beegan perhaps?
I haven't bought any leather or wool since going "vegan" but I do still wear what I have. My Birkenstocks & Ugg boots mainly. It seems really wasteful to buy new shoes I don't need for the sake of ridding the house you know?
But a true vegan doesn't eat OR wear animals or their products so for the sake of being a tightarse I'm failing that.
And the jury is still out on honey for me. I'm not sure that organic raw honey goes against my ethics so until I am convinced otherwise I'll still eat it.
But I must say eating vegan is quite easy once you commit. I'm finding new stuff everyday that I like, the family likes & is easy to cook. Kale anyone??

So I'm an almost beegan?

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Sif said...

I've heard very strong argument for honouring the animals who died for your shoes etc before you became vegan by wearing the items until they're used up and then replacing them with non-animal products.

I'm looking forward to learning what you've learned about vegan living from you when we catch up!

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