Monday, August 31, 2009


Harper is 5 months old. 5 months already!! Her personality is starting to shine through and I thought I'd share.

Harper is just a bundle of joy. She is a smiley, happy, chubby little being who just loves her sisters and her parents. It is rare that she is in a cranky mood, as long as she is in arms she is easygoing and a real delight to be around. She sleeps at night- miracle! Only wakes for a feed and there is little mucking around, usually she is straight on after her hungry "dry throat cough" wakes me and as soon as she finishes it's back to sleep. She is a lark like her sisters and sometimes wakes before 5am-I try to go back to sleep while she gurgles and chats beside me, not having much luck there. She is noisy! Loves to coo and make baby talk. She likes a good swaddle before sleep-but after that it's easy. Just wrap her up, boob her and she is off to sleep with no argument-mostly. She gets so excited when Luke gets home-waving her arms and legs-and also when her sisters talk to her. She likes to always have something in her mouth-boob, dummy, fingers, toy or blanket-and she drools constantly. She hates the car-really hates it and cries a lot when we drive.

The best way to describe my littlest bebe is happy and full of affection. It's impossible not to smile when she is grinning at you.

But she grows too quick! There is a tooth threatening to break the gums any day and she is trying to roll over-not to mention the keen looks my dinner is getting. When my computer issues are sorted I will post some photos-I promise :-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Winter-the good stuff!

Being a QLD girl at heart can sometimes make me a big old mess during Melbourne winter. The first year I lived here there was much crying and lots of "fuck this Luke! I'm NOT living here" with a stamp of the foot (a very Tannah-esque "hhmmmppf!"). I have gotten used to the cold. Slowly slowly. And the short days-that's gonna take longer for sure. So I'm going to tell you what I like about wintertime in our chilly state now.

-There is nothing quite so lovely as snuggling up in a warm bed (co-sleeping makes for great toasty beds) in your jamies-except maybe sleeping in.
-Winter food! Stews and casseroles and soup, not to mention cups of tea.
-we get amazing clear, crispy cold days. It's great to rug up and get out in them.
-kids go to bed easier when it's dark at 5pm

And last but not least is the anticipation of spring. That feeing of the world waking up after it's season of rest. Seeing the trees come back to life and all the spring bulbs starting to shoot out of the ground. The first day when you can feel a little love from the sun.

I think you cannot truly appreciate the joy of spring until you have frozen your butt off for the winter. What can I say but BRING IT ON!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I know

-that a 4 and a 2 year old are not old enough to grasp the concept of sharing just yet. However-JUST SHARE!!
-me being on the computer translates to children as please start fighting and then come and annoy me.
-a mother in law who takes the big 2 for half a day once a week is worth her weight in gold.
-windy and warmish=line dried nappies!
-being ecstatic about line dried nappies means I need to get out more
-when a baby who hates the car doesn't start screaming as I leave the driveway I keep feeling like I've forgotten her
-sometimes my kids surprise me and I remind myself not to assume they won't cope with things
-being a parent is a constant learning journey. The best, most rewarding and hardest thing I've ever done

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I need more skills

I think I do a pretty great job as a Mother. Sure, I'm far from perfect and have my crapola moments like everyone-but I do have an array of Mama skills.

I can make pancakes with a baby in a sling, I can breastfeed two kids at the same time, I can mediate an argument from another room, I know the words to every Justine Clarke song, I can make play dough and fingerpaint, I can get by on a few hours broken sleep and I can change a poo nappy without getting any where it shouldn't be-even when the poo nappy wearer in question is protesting all the way. I have far too many Mama talents to list-but there is one skill I seem to be lacking.

How do I know?

Tannah has been crying to Luke for 15 minutes about how crap the dinosaur was that I drew.

*sigh* you can't have everything right?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had a little lie in this morning. Luke took all 3 kids (I love my husband) and I had a sleep in. While lying there I was thinking about how much life has changed since having kids. DUH of course it changed, I knew it would. I love my life and being is Mama is awesome-but there are some things I've left behind that I do crave from time to time.

-sleep ins. Regular ones. Followed by some sex and a big cooked breakfast.
-Gigs. I used to go see live bands all the time. A couple of beers at a gig is my idea of heaven.
-a skincare routine. I used to use Jurlique skincare-the cost and the time are the reason I don't anymore.
-Last minute weekends away. Luke and I would just decide on the Thursday and go away somewhere for the weekend. Cost is a big factor but taking a family of 5 anywhere requires planning, like a rocket launch.
-walking. I didn't need a babysitter and a full of breastmilk baby to put my discman(old school) on and go for a walk.

I do miss these things-but there are so many more things I'd miss if I didn't have kids!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I know

-when my 4 year old discovered the hilarity of the fart noise made with your hand in your armpit I couldn't help but be a little proud
-sand tables are not for sand, merely a rest point so the kids can move it all over the yard
-if you co-sleep and let your kids take a toy to bed be prepared to wake up with a My Little Pony in the small of your back
-something about making my own play-dough makes me feel like mother of the year
-sleep comes in many forms. Sometime it's an hour and a half the whole night on the recliner with a sushi rolled baby in the crook of my arm. Not ideal, but I'll take what I can get.
-something about library story time makes my kids lose their minds
-something about us showing up at library story time makes the librarian look a little worried. Oh that's right, see previous point.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was interviewed by the local paper this morning on the reasons I chose to birth at home. I was told I was chosen specifically because I had had a hospital birth as well. I think it went pretty well-but being the media I am a little worried about what will be taken out of our big chat and made into a tiny article with a cute photo of my lovely baby and I.

I talked a lot about the safety of homebirth versus hospital. How my first experience was traumatic and I had no idea about who was actually with me when I gave birth. I talked about how important support is-before, during and after birth. I spoke about what an independent midwife does and what the general public seems to think they do. I was very firm in my opinion that it is up to the woman and not the government to decide where and how a baby is born, I spoke of human rights. I voiced my concern that babies will indeed be at risk if this legislation comes into play as those birthing at home will be too scared to access medical assistance if needed and those forced into the hospital system will be at greater risk of all kinds of intervention. I voiced my concern at the criteria for a hospital run homebirth. I told her just how very different a hospital birth is to a homebirth and how we are at risk of forgetting what a natural birth looks like. I told her hospitals are great-if you need them, why should we clog the system with women who don't want to be there? And keep clogging the system after the birth with more PND mums, babies who aren't breastfed and get sick more and more time in hospital after a c-section-and other such things that can be reduced with homebirth.

I hope the point she got was that birth is safe-homebirth is safe. That it is a woman's right to choose where she births her baby.

Life is still good

Luke is staring down the barrel of a redundancy-again. I doubt (and he does too) that he'll survive the cut this time. I have no idea what we are going to do or how far up shit creek this will leave us.
I should be stressed right?

I'm not.

We have a great marriage. A really great marriage. We have great kids-no, we have awesome kids. How can I bitch and moan about money when we have those basic things so very right? Sure life is not perfect, who's is? But life is pretty damn good.

Fuck work. If they let him go it'll be their loss.

What is really worrying me is when will I get my iPhone back so I can rejoin my online civilization?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dreaming of sleep

We co sleep. All 5 of us sleep in our "biggest bed in the world". A double and a queen mattress pushed together on the floor. It's cozy and I don't have to get out of bed to feed babies or soothe nightwakings, and the kids feel secure knowing they are close. It's lovely mostly, but Harper is our last baby so I can countdown to Luke and in a bed together, alone.
It's no secret that my kids, all of them, love to wake up at night. Willow especially, since about 6 weeks old, has been a champion. They all love an early morning too. Tannah talks in her sleep, Willow is the most restless sleeper and Harper, well she's still little so night feeds are her wake Mum up mode of choice. Willow likes to touch me with her feet in the small of my back all night-that's if she won the fight to sleep in the prime real estate district of bed which is in between Luke and I. Harper has also just started very cute baby cooing and talking for hour at a time-which would be much more lovely to hear during the day.
Sounds like I hate it but thats not true. Co sleeping is lovely and I know all 3 kids will leave the bed in their own time. So for now I will snuggle with my babies, catch sleep where I can and dream of having 6 hours uninterrupted sleep, minus the feet in my bum crack.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I know

-my idea of excitement has changed. I'm so excited for a 20 degree windy day tomorrow-my first thought was CLEAN SHEETS!
-watching television about the consumerism of our kids makes me feel sad
-baby poo does not look like it's there in a brown coloured nappy.eeewwww hand washing time.
-waiting to know whether Luke will be made redundant (again) is probably worse than being unemployed.
-shepherds pie is "hating food" according to Tannah
-garbage collectors who come lights flashing and noisy at 6am suck
-going back to yoga makes me remember muscles I forgot existed
-when your 2 year old can reach the handles and open all the doors in the house it's a whole new ball game
-the days of a quiet sit on the loo with a book are long long gone. But I'm still trying.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And the food debate rages on.....

I'm at this weird place where my ethics and beliefs about nutrition are at odds.

To me being vegan is ethical, good for the planet and for the most part very good for you. But there are a few things I'm not so jiggy with.
There is a lot of weird uber processed vegan substitute stuff going around. fake meat, cheese, butter etc. You can even make a quiche out of tofu! While I am aware that it is not mandatory to eat such substitutes, they do make life easier. Also I'm wary of big amounts of soy. I have no issue with a little but if you substitute milk, eat tofu and have it in other stuff that can add up. My other issue is butter vs margarine. Margarine (even the vegan kind) is not food at all whare as butter, even with it's cow milky wierdness actually is. And I don't have an issue with eggs at all except for the cruelty in cage hens and that most "free range" eggs are not really that at all.

The goal for our diet is to eat lots and lots of unprocessed and homecooked, homemade food. Meat is a no brainer. Gross-it's out. But what of eggs? What if they came from my friends happy chooks? Or from a farm that I knew was ethical? I think I'd eat them. Certainly the kids and Luke will eat them. All vegan substitute stuff is out. No facon or cheeze. Minimal tofu and soy milk-definately not going back to cows milk. I do think that we are going to do unsalted organic butter and olive oil instead of margarine and dairy free spreads.

So I'm unveganizing myself. I'll probably still be a major pain in your ass when I come to your house though lol. I'll bring my own ;-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rollercoaster day

My day yesterday was up and down all day.

Woke up feeling pretty good despite hardly any sleep, went to BaBs at an awesome new venue. UP. Willow had a tantrum (we have been having a LOT of those lately) and I snapped and yelled at her.DOWN. Came home and Willow and Harper had a sleep at the same time for half an hour. UP. Tannah and Willow fought all afternoon. DOWN. Went to the gym for yoga. UP. Had some *ahem* lovin with the husband (not at the gym, at home lol) which was rudely interrupted by the baby waking up. I guess that was a bit of both really Up and Down hahahaha.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I know

-I miss my iPhone *sigh*. Getting on the net is much harder without it.
-I really should fold washing every day rather than it taking me an hour once a week.
-Duplo is ace!! Why has it taken us so long to feel the love?
-Spring is next month people! Warmer weather ahoy!
-When a 4 year old is learning to wipe her bum after number twos have wipes handy. For everyone.
-Willow must have read the "2 year old charter on behaviour".We've had a resergence of "MINE!" and "NOOOOOOO!" this week.
-the reason I love Friday's is because I know Luke is home for the next 2 days
-all the noise everyone has been making about the proposed changes to law surrounding homebirth is being heard! MAKE MORE NOISE!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm sitting here eating my lunch (homemade carrot & sweet potato soup mmm), the two little ones are sleeping (at the same time! awesome!) and I can hear Tannah playing games with her My Little Ponies ("I love you twinkle twirl dahhhlink").

Sometimes in these rare quiet moments I get a minute to think about how blessed I truly am. I have an amazing husband who I love so much, incredible and healthy kids who bring me so much joy and heaps of great, supportive family far and wide. I have an eclectic community of awesome friends, who are like an extended family to me and we live in a lovely house and have plenty to eat and to wear.

Does it get much better??

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Willow!!

This time two years ago this was me
I would have been sitting on my couch getting to know my second born after her magic homebirth.

Willow is such an amazing kid (aren't they all though?). We often refer to her as our firecracker because that's what she is. She is funny and outgoing, smart and cheeky.
Not to mention she can really put her foot down about stuff.
She loves her sisters and us

And we just love her-Happy birthday Willow!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So what do we do all day?

I was asked the other day what on earth I did with the kids all day week in week out without using kinder or childcare.
I replied with-what don't we do?
There's painting & drawing & playdoh. Glueing (tans calls that crafting) & weaving & cutting & baking. Reading & telling stories, singing & rhymes. Outside play, quiet time, TV time. There is the general flow of the day-cleaning & cooking & eating & errands. How about playgroup & visits with friends & trips to the museum, the zoo, the park, thr library,the shops, to Granny's house. Maybe we'll meet up with other home ed families, homebirth families other attachment parenting families. Or ABA, BaBs etc. Maybe we'll go for a walk.
That's not counting lots of time for free play. Dolls, blocks, cubby houses, plastic animals, tea parties, fairies,cars, trains, My Little Ponies & make believe games. Bouncing on the bed, making mess, dressing up. Waterplay, sandplay, playing with the rabbits.
Then there's the really ace stuff. Cuddles, chats, sleep ins, kisses & being a part of their games.
And they are learning all the time-so am I.

Home educating your kids is anything but boring. It's exhausting! But I think it's the best for our family at this point. I'm enjoying the ride-crazy as it is.
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