Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Willow!!

This time two years ago this was me
I would have been sitting on my couch getting to know my second born after her magic homebirth.

Willow is such an amazing kid (aren't they all though?). We often refer to her as our firecracker because that's what she is. She is funny and outgoing, smart and cheeky.
Not to mention she can really put her foot down about stuff.
She loves her sisters and us

And we just love her-Happy birthday Willow!


MoederKip said...

ohhhhh., me's getting all teary!
Lovely pics.
Have a wonderful day x

Sif said...

Aw, happy 2nd Birthday Willow!!!

katepickle said...

Happy Birthday to the gorgeous 'Wowo'

I love love love your cranky face, love the way you keep M in line... I even love it when you call me 'cake' and drag me off by a finger!

What a special girl with a special Mama! Happy birthing day to you both!

Oh and big special kiss from M who told me as we left this morning 'luv wowo'.... awww

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