Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I need more skills

I think I do a pretty great job as a Mother. Sure, I'm far from perfect and have my crapola moments like everyone-but I do have an array of Mama skills.

I can make pancakes with a baby in a sling, I can breastfeed two kids at the same time, I can mediate an argument from another room, I know the words to every Justine Clarke song, I can make play dough and fingerpaint, I can get by on a few hours broken sleep and I can change a poo nappy without getting any where it shouldn't be-even when the poo nappy wearer in question is protesting all the way. I have far too many Mama talents to list-but there is one skill I seem to be lacking.

How do I know?

Tannah has been crying to Luke for 15 minutes about how crap the dinosaur was that I drew.

*sigh* you can't have everything right?

1 comment:

katepickle said...

Never ever draw for kids... it's not good for them and it opens up a hellfull can of worms for you!!! LOL

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