Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was interviewed by the local paper this morning on the reasons I chose to birth at home. I was told I was chosen specifically because I had had a hospital birth as well. I think it went pretty well-but being the media I am a little worried about what will be taken out of our big chat and made into a tiny article with a cute photo of my lovely baby and I.

I talked a lot about the safety of homebirth versus hospital. How my first experience was traumatic and I had no idea about who was actually with me when I gave birth. I talked about how important support is-before, during and after birth. I spoke about what an independent midwife does and what the general public seems to think they do. I was very firm in my opinion that it is up to the woman and not the government to decide where and how a baby is born, I spoke of human rights. I voiced my concern that babies will indeed be at risk if this legislation comes into play as those birthing at home will be too scared to access medical assistance if needed and those forced into the hospital system will be at greater risk of all kinds of intervention. I voiced my concern at the criteria for a hospital run homebirth. I told her just how very different a hospital birth is to a homebirth and how we are at risk of forgetting what a natural birth looks like. I told her hospitals are great-if you need them, why should we clog the system with women who don't want to be there? And keep clogging the system after the birth with more PND mums, babies who aren't breastfed and get sick more and more time in hospital after a c-section-and other such things that can be reduced with homebirth.

I hope the point she got was that birth is safe-homebirth is safe. That it is a woman's right to choose where she births her baby.

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Juniper said...

Fantastic Shae! Sounds like it went well, and I can't wait to read the article - maybe you could post a link to it when it is published?

And of course, you are right, it is the woman's right to give birth where she chooses, and I worry so much that if independent midwives are no longer able to practice, mothers and babies will be at higher risk... sniff - I am getting all teary now!

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