Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had a little lie in this morning. Luke took all 3 kids (I love my husband) and I had a sleep in. While lying there I was thinking about how much life has changed since having kids. DUH of course it changed, I knew it would. I love my life and being is Mama is awesome-but there are some things I've left behind that I do crave from time to time.

-sleep ins. Regular ones. Followed by some sex and a big cooked breakfast.
-Gigs. I used to go see live bands all the time. A couple of beers at a gig is my idea of heaven.
-a skincare routine. I used to use Jurlique skincare-the cost and the time are the reason I don't anymore.
-Last minute weekends away. Luke and I would just decide on the Thursday and go away somewhere for the weekend. Cost is a big factor but taking a family of 5 anywhere requires planning, like a rocket launch.
-walking. I didn't need a babysitter and a full of breastmilk baby to put my discman(old school) on and go for a walk.

I do miss these things-but there are so many more things I'd miss if I didn't have kids!


Sazz said...

oh yeah, I miss sleep ins followed by sex and late cooked breaky and gigs too *sigh*

katef - said...

afternoon sex and aerobics... who'd have thought it those would be the things I'd miss!

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