Saturday, August 1, 2009

So what do we do all day?

I was asked the other day what on earth I did with the kids all day week in week out without using kinder or childcare.
I replied with-what don't we do?
There's painting & drawing & playdoh. Glueing (tans calls that crafting) & weaving & cutting & baking. Reading & telling stories, singing & rhymes. Outside play, quiet time, TV time. There is the general flow of the day-cleaning & cooking & eating & errands. How about playgroup & visits with friends & trips to the museum, the zoo, the park, thr library,the shops, to Granny's house. Maybe we'll meet up with other home ed families, homebirth families other attachment parenting families. Or ABA, BaBs etc. Maybe we'll go for a walk.
That's not counting lots of time for free play. Dolls, blocks, cubby houses, plastic animals, tea parties, fairies,cars, trains, My Little Ponies & make believe games. Bouncing on the bed, making mess, dressing up. Waterplay, sandplay, playing with the rabbits.
Then there's the really ace stuff. Cuddles, chats, sleep ins, kisses & being a part of their games.
And they are learning all the time-so am I.

Home educating your kids is anything but boring. It's exhausting! But I think it's the best for our family at this point. I'm enjoying the ride-crazy as it is.

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