Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I know

-I miss my iPhone *sigh*. Getting on the net is much harder without it.
-I really should fold washing every day rather than it taking me an hour once a week.
-Duplo is ace!! Why has it taken us so long to feel the love?
-Spring is next month people! Warmer weather ahoy!
-When a 4 year old is learning to wipe her bum after number twos have wipes handy. For everyone.
-Willow must have read the "2 year old charter on behaviour".We've had a resergence of "MINE!" and "NOOOOOOO!" this week.
-the reason I love Friday's is because I know Luke is home for the next 2 days
-all the noise everyone has been making about the proposed changes to law surrounding homebirth is being heard! MAKE MORE NOISE!

1 comment:

katepickle said...

oh that's it.. that is what has been missing from this week... Shae's not been online without her iphone! I knew something was wrong!!!!!
Yay for the duplo love!

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