Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I know

-my idea of excitement has changed. I'm so excited for a 20 degree windy day tomorrow-my first thought was CLEAN SHEETS!
-watching television about the consumerism of our kids makes me feel sad
-baby poo does not look like it's there in a brown coloured nappy.eeewwww hand washing time.
-waiting to know whether Luke will be made redundant (again) is probably worse than being unemployed.
-shepherds pie is "hating food" according to Tannah
-garbage collectors who come lights flashing and noisy at 6am suck
-going back to yoga makes me remember muscles I forgot existed
-when your 2 year old can reach the handles and open all the doors in the house it's a whole new ball game
-the days of a quiet sit on the loo with a book are long long gone. But I'm still trying.

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