Saturday, August 29, 2009

Winter-the good stuff!

Being a QLD girl at heart can sometimes make me a big old mess during Melbourne winter. The first year I lived here there was much crying and lots of "fuck this Luke! I'm NOT living here" with a stamp of the foot (a very Tannah-esque "hhmmmppf!"). I have gotten used to the cold. Slowly slowly. And the short days-that's gonna take longer for sure. So I'm going to tell you what I like about wintertime in our chilly state now.

-There is nothing quite so lovely as snuggling up in a warm bed (co-sleeping makes for great toasty beds) in your jamies-except maybe sleeping in.
-Winter food! Stews and casseroles and soup, not to mention cups of tea.
-we get amazing clear, crispy cold days. It's great to rug up and get out in them.
-kids go to bed easier when it's dark at 5pm

And last but not least is the anticipation of spring. That feeing of the world waking up after it's season of rest. Seeing the trees come back to life and all the spring bulbs starting to shoot out of the ground. The first day when you can feel a little love from the sun.

I think you cannot truly appreciate the joy of spring until you have frozen your butt off for the winter. What can I say but BRING IT ON!

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