Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have always had bits and pieces of other peoples old computers, or been borrowing someones computer or had a tiny computer which didn't do all I needed it to. I've never had my own computer-chosen for features I wanted and empty of other peoples leftover bits n pieces. I've pretty much always had slow net access for lots of reasons and I'm ashamed to say we've been stealing our neighbors wi-fi for a bit to get any access at all.

Well not any more!!

I sold a whole heap of stuff and funded myself a laptop!

I won it on eBay for exactly what I wanted to pay for it and it has all I want on it. I like that it only has programs on it and plenty of hard drive for me to use. I'm glad I got what I wanted second hand too-for the price and consumption reasons. And we have our very own fast internet :-)all organized.

So no excuses for lack of blog action....


katepickle said...

ah the joys of have the technology you want working the way you want it.
And did I read 'super fast net'??? We've been shaped after just ten days!!! You don't mind if I come stay at your house for the next 20 days do you?????

Juniper said...

yeah! hope to see lots of pix on your blog now! so glad you got it for the right price!

shae said...

yah huh Kate-your welcome to share

shae said...

yah huh Kate-your welcome to share

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