Monday, September 21, 2009

I could never do that....

The way you parent must be so HARD. Really? I think it's mostly pretty easy.
I don't have to get out of bed at night because my kids are already there. That means more time spent sleeping! I never have to worry about how long I'm going to be out with a baby. I have all the milk I need right here in my breasts-heated, packaged and ready to go. I don't run on schedules for sleep so it's much less stressful worrying about who "must" sleep and when. The kids eat as much as they want, when they want. No worry about how many mouthfuls more at dinner or if they are not interested at breakfast. I will admit that the content of what they eat DOES stress me out when we are out and about. So much horrible toxic food out there. There is no kinder run, no issues with what school to go to or having to be somewhere by 9am 5 days a week. I have very few hard and fast rules which makes for less arguing over them (though the girls find plenty to argue with between themselves).
Most of all I'm hardly hung up(trying for not at all) on feeling judged by others on the behavior of my children and the way I parent. Taking those expectations of my children and off myself makes life that much easier. Then we are all free to be more authentic in our relationships and who we are.

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Spiralmumma said...

Do people really say that to you? Wow seems a bit rude! I guess for some (myself included) homeschooling especially seems like such a huge commitment it's easy to admire and maybe feel in awe of those who do it. OTOH, every school holidays I
just LOVE LOVE LOVE the lack of rushing and school runs, that the idea does flitter into my consciousness-wouldn't it be lovely to NEVER have to rush in the mornings-until pesky cold hard facts bring me back to earth-like having to work and it not being a possibility. That and the fact I dont believe I have what it takes emotionally.

So yeah-I do admire the commitment homeschooling entails, but I also can see how in many ways it's an easier,. less stressful option than the workday grind-especially the morning rush!

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