Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movie night

We hired a DVD on Saturday night for all the family to watch-something we have only done maybe twice before. Tannah is quite sensitive when it comes to content in film. She is scared easily and Willow gets bored and I find it hard to find a movie that I think is (a) appropriate and (b) that we will enjoy. Not to mention the fact that there are a million more fun things to do that gather around the box...Anyhoo,we hired Bolt

We all really enjoyed it-Tannah even did well with a bit of a scary scene. I was, however, amazed at how much the girls understand as far as emotional content.
Willow cried every time Bolt and Mittens got separated because she was worried about "catty", she got upset when she thought either Bolt or Mittens had been hurt. Tannah was mildly worried about that but she blew me away by getting really upset in the scene where Bolt (wrongly) thought his person had replaced him with another dog. She TOTALLY understood the rejection and hurt they were trying to convey and her heart broke for Bolt. She started to cry-so I joined in. She took a lot of reassuring and when all was right in the world at the end (c'mon, it's Disney...course it was lol) she was visibly relieved.

It was both lovely and heartbreaking to watch my growing-up-fast girls experience those tough emotions through film. There was also a lot of laughter I might add, and Harper slept through most of it. A nice night in.

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