Friday, September 4, 2009

Things I know

-I've been slack at blogging this week
-getting something off eBay for what you want to pay for it is an air punching moment
-the best way to find out how much washing you do is to have your washing machine be out of action for 48 hours. Apparently we do lots.
-2 year old + rice = mess
-my baby rolled and cut a tooth this week. And it makes me feel sad for my teeny tiny baby who is growing up & excited about where she is heading.
-kids learn all by themselves.
-it is near impossible to not laugh when your kids swear.
-the high from booking tickets to see my parents was followed by the fear of taking 3 small children on a plane all by myself and has settled into nice anticipation. And list making
-there are no cheap gifts I could buy to express my love, gratitude and respect for either my Dad or my Husband.

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