Friday, September 18, 2009

Things I know

-Google is my friend and can fix many problems
-my kids are true Victorians, a little bit of sunshine and they are running around in the nude in the backyard because they are "hot"
-menu plans work.And they make me feel very organized which is a bonus.
-wheat + Willow = EPIC FAIL. I need to stop feeling jaded at the fact that I have to limit what she eats and remember the tantrums and twitching after she eats it.
-2 children playing very very quietly is always worth a quick investigation.
-trust your kids with what they can cope with, they may just surprise you.
-having a sand table means having sand in the house
-being woken in the morning with little arms around my neck and little whispers of "you are my sister and I love you" by my 2 year old makes all the hours I've spent awake so totally worth it.


Dee said...

nawww sweet nothings are so sweet
Your falafel lunch sounds awesome, can I come over for lunch?

Stitch Sista said...

oh no on the wheat :(. I have to admit I am too afraid to even bother trying with F...we will leave it to Christmas holidays to test him I think.

And what lovely children informed me (unprompted) of how 'beautiful' I looked when we were dressed up to go out last night...if your hubby won't tell you it's nice your kids can!

Nalin said...

Omigod, that last point! So gorgeous.

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