Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why can't I?

I'll admit I can talk myself out of things by wishing for different circumstances.
If I was 10kg lighter, if we had more money, if we lived in QLD, if we lived in VIC, if we lived in a community etc etc.
One of my big "if only's" at the moment is about the backyard. If it was only bigger, if we had grass/sand/pavers/tan bark, if we had it landscaped and so on. My dream is of lots of lush grassy yard with a big veggie patch, chickens and a sandpit, cubby house and swinging tyre for the kids-and a house cow. It ain't gonna fit in our teeny tiny backyard.

I was lamenting to Kate about how I wanted a little farm type set up like hers. I love watching all the kids run around in all that space & come in all muddy and worn out. I'm not sure Kate is as jazzed about the mud. I am always grateful for the shared eggs and veggies. Kate points out that I have quite a bit of raised garden bed space and ample room for a couple of chooks.

I start thinking about it. I get excited. I don't have to live on acres to be a little more self sufficient and give my children an idea of how fruit and vegetables grow. We can totally have a couple of chooks. My visions of the girls picking some veggies straight from the plant for dinner and collecting eggs can still be a reality. They just don't have to go very far to do it.

So I can drop the wishing for different things and make the absolute best with our lovely house.

But I am going to have to let go of the house cow idea....maybe herd share??


katepickle said...

No matter how many hints you drop... we aint getting a cow. But how about some goat's milk?

shae said...

lol am looking at herd share :-)

Sif said...

What the hell is a house cow? I'm imagining a miniature cow that lives in the house like a dog and sleeps at the end of your bed! (rofl, the verification word is "bills"...)

shae said...

A house cow is a cow you keep to supply the household with milk :-)

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