Sunday, October 4, 2009

Garden plans

Here are the plans for our little back yard-I'm so excited! We have had some great input form a few friends who know different garden bits and pieces which has been so helpful.

We are going to make the best of the small space we have by planting lots of veggies around the border along our raised retaining wall, and also in a raised garden bed we'll put in the middle and 2 wine barrels. There will be a sandpit, a grass patch and a fair bit of tan bark.
We already have a little wooden cubby house and we are going to ditch all the plastic toys for a couple of wooden logs.
We are aiming for shade so we will plant a creeping, flowering vine (probably wisteria) in trellis boxes this year and by next year we will have an open pergola up so it can grow all over that, bringing shade and bees and making it feel much more green out there.
Did I mention we are getting chickens! So there will be a house for them but they will get a fair bit of free range time to eat the weeds and bugs down the side of the house. Not forgetting a spot for our lovely bunnies.

It's all pretty exciting

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katepickle said...

oh yay for growing plans!

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