Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Real food

My food journey has been a long one.
For a very long time I have questioned what food I put in my mouth and the ethics and health-giving properties involved. I was a vegetarian before Tannah was born but still ate a lot of junk and drank a heap of alcohol. When she started eating I realized that I was eating a heap of the food that I wasn't comfortable for her to eat so I started eating better. I went totally vegan for 6 months when Willow was a baby but came back to being an omnivore when I fell pregnant with Harper. Being pregnant always leads me back to me an omnivore-usually from hunger and seediness lol.
In the 6 months since Harper has been born I have been a little bit of everything. I have been struggling with all the conflicting theories behind food and what is, in fact, healthy. Vegan? vegetarian? Omnivore? What am I comfortable with?
I'm sure all my backwards and forwards over what I do and don't eat confuses the hell out of people-and I'm sure has some rolling their eyes.
Here are some issues for me.
Being vegan is the most ethical option, but there is a lot of weird processed fake food and soy, unless you go raw which I'm not interested in. Being vegetarian is easy, but I have issues with how dairy and eggs are farmed. I also think drinking buckets of calf milk is strange. I also have been struggling with keeping everyone in my family happy-as they enjoy meat. Being an omnivore is by far the easiest and most popular option-but I struggle with the idea of factory farming.
There are so many theories out there on what is the best way to feed your family-so I started thinking about what is wrong-in my mind-with our modern western diet. The diet which is killing off a generation before it's time.
It's all too processed, to easy, too full of refined and modified everything. It's too cruel and too unnatural to the old methods of farming. I started to think about what people used to eat before the convenience and fakeness of modern food happened. They ate old fashioned, home-cooked and simple food. Food made from scratch with real ingredients like butter-not margarine. There was no modified corn starch, soy, preservatives and colours type ingredients in everything that was bought. There was no low-fat, sugar-free craze. It seems to me (and I'm not alone) that the more we fuck with food to make it "healthier", the sicker (and fatter) everyone seems to be getting.
So what of ethics? Can you be an ethical omnivore? Can you consume meat, milk and eggs and have a clear conscience? I think you can come close. Obviously the least cruel option is veganism-I won't debate that-but I certainly think you can make better choices. You can be an omnivore who refuses to eat factory farmed meat, dairy and eggs. Sure it's more expensive for the organic, free range option but not only do I know that it's from animals who are allowed to participate in natural behavior, I also know that it is food that hasn't been filled with chemicals I don't need. You can buy raw milk! Even milk as we know it (even the organic kind) has been super processed and is not milk as we used to know it. It's sold as bath milk because of our paranoia with germs etc- read more here
So I guess I'm committed to "real food". Unprocessed, home made food from fresh and as local as possible ingredients. It just makes sense to me. It's not a diet-just old fashioned eating.
Of course I am not perfect and live in a society where junk food is part of our culture, so I am not swearing off processed or factory farmed food for life. I am just making a conscious effort to try and eat well-to eat real.


Stitch Sista said...

I have eaten better, I have eaten worse. We only do a few things organice atm, but at the same time, I like the fact that most of our food does NOT come from a box and that I cook a LOT from scratch. It's lucky I enjoy cooking though...I think it's much harder if you don't.

shu said...

i would like to think that this is how we eat. we only buy free range organic meat from farmers markets. only buy local fruit and veggies from above (most of the time lol) but we dont do cows milk because of allergy's. since speaking to you have and been trying to change flours for cooking etc.
good luck with your food journey and hopefully you find something that works :)

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