Monday, October 12, 2009

Travel with kids

My family live interstate and I have done a lot of traveling back and forth by plane since Tannah was born. Here are some tips
-Prepare! Write a list at least a week before of weird items you are likely to forget(like a nightlight etc)and keep adding to it as you think of it.
-check clothes at least 2 weeks before. My folks live in QLD which is much warmer much earlier than here in VIC so I need to check if Tannah has enough summer gear that fits. The other 2 usually have more than enough hand-me-downs lol.
-if you (like me) order any consumables (like deodorant, shampoo etc) do that at least a week before to ensure they arrive in time.
-Make a surprise busy box for the kids of non-messy craft to play with on the plane. We love self-inking stamps, crayons and stickers. I always buy a new exercise book for the occasion.
-a couple of small plastic animals pack well and can be good for a bit of pretend play
-Don't buy sugary treats if your kids are not used to them! I have learned the hard way that giving in to make the trip "special" just made my kids hyped up! Instead go for things like plain chips which are just as exciting and minus the sugar and preservatives.
-don't ever take library books or toy library toys- you are bound to be worried about their whereabouts the whole time.
-borrow some DVD's from a friend that are new to your kids if you have a portable DVD player
-let your kids pack a few familiar and favorite toys and/or books. If they are too big check them in your luggage and hope for the best.
-pack some food and water. Homemade or bought-just make sure they are delicious. Pack some for you too!
-if you are going anytime near xmas take the gifts! Save yourself the postage :-)
-make sure your memory stick is empty in your camera, you have batteries and your phone is charged. (take phone charger! Write it on your list)
-If you are leaving really early in the morning dress your kids in what they will wear on the plane and just roll them out of bed and into a clean nappy. Leave time if you are breastfeeding for a feed.
-The night before do a final list of all the things you use right up to leaving to make sure they get packed-double and triple check you have your bank cards, ID, medicare card and phone. Everything else can be sorted out later but they are essential. Sometimes it's a good idea to carry a photocopy of the birth certificate of kids under 2 to prove age for free airline seat.
-Whatever time you think you need before you have to leave for the airport-add half an hour. If you are parking in the long term car park, leave an hour. Make sure you are in the terminal waiting in line AT LEAST 1 and a half hours before your flight leaves. Trust me on this.
-let your kids run and scream and carry on as much as they like in the terminal. Ignore the looks of anxiety form passengers wondering if you are sitting next to them. You and your kids need some space before being crammed into a tiny space.
-get excited. Travel with kids and holidays with family are fun and make some awesome memories

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