Monday, November 30, 2009

I want you to know..

That I had good intentions.

I put my family to bed-yes Luke too-and got on here with the intention of blogging. Maybe some holiday pics (that holiday was a fecking month ago Shae)or about our new trampoline, or some unschooling revelation stuff.
I thought I'd just read some other blogs for inspiration. Then I read a forum or two. Then I googled about menstrual cups, then I did the facebook thang....Baby woke, gave her a boob back to sleep. Back to forum, another blog, search forum about menstrual cups then ooh book depository.

Now I'm tired and my eyes hurt and it's late! And I want about 40 books and a menstrual cup!

But I had good intentions to blog..really

Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I know

I am aware it's been some time...

-nothing scares the shit out of kids like a huge clap of thunder when they have their little noses pressed against the window
-sunshine = heaps of rain = happy garden and excited gardener
-sometimes you get what you want for what you want to pay for it on eBay! Helloooo tramampoline!
-the amount of puke coming out of a baby looks waaaaay bigger than the amount that went in
-a lot of stuff I previously thought was a big deal mess wise is really just me being anal. The kids playing in the "crafting box" by themselves for a couple of hours was cleaned up in minutes
-my big 2 would be happy to exist on crackers and apples forever
-zen bedtime works!
-I love it when Luke works day shift.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You are so brave!

If you have had a baby at home you may have heard this one-more than once.
I get why, our culture has such a fear of birth and we are constantly told all the gloom and doom stories that it makes homebirth sound so risky.
We are convinced that we cannot possibly know our own bodies or when we are even in labor thank you very much without the opinion of someone who apparently knows more. I get so frustrated that intervention is so fucking routine that to birth without one seems so "brave" and scary. It pegs us as crazy, risk taking women who care more about the experience than that of the safety of our unborn baby. Puh-leese.
I'm ALL for women making their own INFORMED choice-women who do that don't usually question you at all. What I am sick of is someone starting a conversation with me in Coles about my tee shirt (peace, love, homebirth) and telling me that they could never have a homebirth because they had a 9 pound baby who had to be yanked out with forceps and thank god she already had the epidural in because she tore from arsehole to breakfast. We are even making women scared of 9 pound babies now-anything over 8 is fuge (no typo fucking+huge=fuge) and lucky to be alive apparently.

Well let me say (and I normally do)that I think that choosing the hospital ride is brave-extraordinarily brave. I get why people do, and more power to you if you go in there with guns blazing and get the birth you want, but don't pull the brave shit on me anymore. My chance of having major surgery(cesarean) is much less, as is my chance of an instrument delivery (had one of those the first time IN HOSPITAL and would like to never go through that again thanks)not to mention how important bonding and breastfeeding are (again-better rates at home!). Sorry if this sounds a little aggressive. I do wear the shirt to spark interest and conversation but getting told about how dangerous homebirth would be for a 9 pound baby just makes me want to pull my hair out.

Have we come this far from what normal birth looks like?
Sadly I think the answer is sometimes , yes.

Watch this space for posts about "I could never homeschool, I don't like spending that much time with my kids" and "If your child is not vaccinated my kid will catch diseases from yours" and other favorites.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

silly season

Christmas. I'm a fan. I love choosing gifts for my children and other kids we love who we buy for. I love xmas lights and decorations. I love that you catch up with friends over the season. I love that Luke gets time off and the weather is warm (well, mostly in Melbourne). It is no secret that I love to eat delicious food as well. And I love Santa.
If you are not part of the "hippy-la-la" parenting set it may surprise you to know that Santa is unpopular for a variety of reasons. The fact that xmas is now a commercial buying fest-less about family and Jesus and more about presents. The fact that all things traditional xmas are actually geared for the northern hemisphere-we should be celebrating summer solstice. People forcing screaming babies into the arms of dressed up shopping center employees for the sake of a picture. People not being comfortable with the "lie" of the whole Santa thing. There question is not "what are you doing for Christmas?" but frequently "why are you doing Christmas at all?"

I understand all these reasons and I totally respect and admire families for choosing what they are comfortable with-even if it flies in the face of the mainstream-I imagine it must be pretty suckful to have to explain yourself a million times and get looks like you are the worst parent in the world because you choose not to shower you child with gifts they don't need on a day that personally means nothing to you.

But I'm still a fan.

Admittedly my kids only get a couple of presents each from us and sitting on santa's knee is optional (but definitely suggested). We are choosing a gum tree branch over a snowy pine as a tree and there is much summer themed craft to be done. The naughty and nice rubbish and threats of no presents never get a run here. But I remember that incredible anticipation and excitement leading up to xmas, I remember all the magic about Father Christmas as a young child. I remember huge family gatherings, trips interstate and my Mum's roast lunch with great affection. My family is not religious but xmas has always been a time of family and love and sharing meals and time together-and a little about getting and giving some ace gifts.

So this year as the silly season looms just around the corner I ask you to embrace it. Whether that means enjoying your summer and ignoring people who disagree with your choice not to celebrate or whether it means you go the whole hog without constantly complaining about it-nothing is worse than standing in line at the post office next to someone posting gifts complaining about it, if you hate it you can actually choose to opt out! Try for a bit of charity-even a tiny bit. Buy charity xmas cards, chuck $10 in a salvo's jar or give up some time. If you buy gifts remember that less can be more-think more about what someone will like rather than having to spend big bucks. And think about where the gifts come from-look for fair trade and recycled presents. But most importantly spend time and connect with people you love and who love you. Catch up, make a phone call or use Skype or something.

So I'm wishing you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Hanukkah, summer solstice blessings or just a big ol' HI! thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pondering the future

Sometimes I look at my girls and wonder what the future holds for them. Who are they going to be when they grow up, what will they do and will they be happy. I think I can glimpse into the women they will grow into at at times but I wonder how much that will change as experience and life mold them into their adult selves. I cannot protect them from all the shitty parts of life and some of those will change who they are and how they see the world. I hope to show them how magic life can truly be, how to nurture themselves and others, how to do things simply for the joy of doing them-not because of fear or to receive praise, how to stay true to themselves, to be kind and compassionate and the list goes on and on of things I want my girls to know. I feel that sometimes I question so much of the mainstream because I want my kids to lead a life less ordinary and be extraordinary women. I look at our society with all its violence, illness and sadness and want so much more for my kids-but I know that they will encounter a lot of life's unpleasantness too. Which is all part of it. I can't possibly know what is going to happen to any of us, good or bad, but I look at my 3 beautiful children as they are now and wonder how much of the personality that i know and love about them will hang around and be a part of them when they are my age.

Friday, November 20, 2009

5 year anniversary-the pictures

This time 5 years ago I was at my wedding reception having a blast. I could gush about my husband-I'm sure you have all heard me do it-but instead I thought I'd blog some pictures of us over the years. Some of the major moments in our lives are here but I must endeavor to have a shot taken of us now-there are no recent ones!

These first two were taken in the first year I lived in Melbourne

How cute are we lol

First Big Day Out together-very momentous occasion!

Our housewarming of the house we had for a while-I love my hair in this I might add..

Our engagement party

The wedding! I'm 17 weeks pregnant here :-)

The day after Tannah was born

In labor with Willow-I love this pic of us, apologies if it's a bit TMI for some

And all of us together after Harper was born-I know you've all seen this but I just adore this photo

So there you have it.A few snapshots of us over the almost 9 years together and 5 years of marriage. It sure has been busy and a little crazy at times but we are and ace couple and have weathered all the storms with relative ease.

And I just love him to bits.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A quick catch up

Lovely Kate at Picklebums linked to me so I figure I should put something here. But I'm going to do a quick catch up in point form. I've seen this type of post around the place so here goes.

-getting ready for our garage sale this Saturday, that means cleaning out and sorting like a mad woman.
-planting all our seedlings and bucketing water from around the place to keep them wet.
-moving the two big girls into their own room! A momentous occasion! There has been little resistance too I might add, they are both pretty jazzed about having a space that is theirs. They are going off to sleep no issue and sleeping until about 4am without a peep. Then we play musical beds so everyone has a parent in bed with them. I'm not worried about how long the transition will take-it'll come when everyone is ready.
-christmas! Shopping is done except for the snapfish calendars that I need to order and the card writing that needs to happen.
-enjoying my husband. He's just making me laugh lots at the moment.
-marveling at my kids. They are growing so fast and I love watching them learn new things.

-of organizing group things. I want to start a womens circle and an unschooling group. Making plans...
-I have hit a weight that is not comfortable on my frame. Need to do something about it and nurture my body more.
-parties and birthdays and all that jazz over the xmas break.
-bloging my holiday pics! If I can find the USB for my camera....

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm still here

Hi y'all.
I haven't forgotten my blog. I have, however, been super busy and on holidays to QLD. Since I've been back I've had about 15 topics I would like to blog about! So I need a little quit time (HA!) to get my head around what I'm going to blog and when and to get some pics up from our trip.

This weekend maybe....I'm hopeful:-)
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