Friday, November 20, 2009

5 year anniversary-the pictures

This time 5 years ago I was at my wedding reception having a blast. I could gush about my husband-I'm sure you have all heard me do it-but instead I thought I'd blog some pictures of us over the years. Some of the major moments in our lives are here but I must endeavor to have a shot taken of us now-there are no recent ones!

These first two were taken in the first year I lived in Melbourne

How cute are we lol

First Big Day Out together-very momentous occasion!

Our housewarming of the house we had for a while-I love my hair in this I might add..

Our engagement party

The wedding! I'm 17 weeks pregnant here :-)

The day after Tannah was born

In labor with Willow-I love this pic of us, apologies if it's a bit TMI for some

And all of us together after Harper was born-I know you've all seen this but I just adore this photo

So there you have it.A few snapshots of us over the almost 9 years together and 5 years of marriage. It sure has been busy and a little crazy at times but we are and ace couple and have weathered all the storms with relative ease.

And I just love him to bits.


Kate said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pics of a gorgeous couple/family.

Love the labour pic, haven't seen that one before it's awesome!

Sif said...

It's amazing what you can achieve in just five years! Congrats and here's to the next five!

Sazz said...

Happy anniversary to you both. You two are adorable, thanks for sharing the pics :D

katepickle said...

Happy Anniversary you two... can't think of a couple who suit each other better!

Hands and Hearts said...

Just seeing this for the first time! I thought I had looked through all the archives? hmmm, lol
Thank you for sharing! Such beautiful photos, but that's not hard when the subjects are a gorgeous couple.
I love the pic of Luke holding you in labour, just beautiful.

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