Monday, November 16, 2009

A quick catch up

Lovely Kate at Picklebums linked to me so I figure I should put something here. But I'm going to do a quick catch up in point form. I've seen this type of post around the place so here goes.

-getting ready for our garage sale this Saturday, that means cleaning out and sorting like a mad woman.
-planting all our seedlings and bucketing water from around the place to keep them wet.
-moving the two big girls into their own room! A momentous occasion! There has been little resistance too I might add, they are both pretty jazzed about having a space that is theirs. They are going off to sleep no issue and sleeping until about 4am without a peep. Then we play musical beds so everyone has a parent in bed with them. I'm not worried about how long the transition will take-it'll come when everyone is ready.
-christmas! Shopping is done except for the snapfish calendars that I need to order and the card writing that needs to happen.
-enjoying my husband. He's just making me laugh lots at the moment.
-marveling at my kids. They are growing so fast and I love watching them learn new things.

-of organizing group things. I want to start a womens circle and an unschooling group. Making plans...
-I have hit a weight that is not comfortable on my frame. Need to do something about it and nurture my body more.
-parties and birthdays and all that jazz over the xmas break.
-bloging my holiday pics! If I can find the USB for my camera....

1 comment:

MoederKip said...

Nice to hear what you're up to :-)
And well done on the room move - that's an awesome result!

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