Thursday, November 26, 2009

You are so brave!

If you have had a baby at home you may have heard this one-more than once.
I get why, our culture has such a fear of birth and we are constantly told all the gloom and doom stories that it makes homebirth sound so risky.
We are convinced that we cannot possibly know our own bodies or when we are even in labor thank you very much without the opinion of someone who apparently knows more. I get so frustrated that intervention is so fucking routine that to birth without one seems so "brave" and scary. It pegs us as crazy, risk taking women who care more about the experience than that of the safety of our unborn baby. Puh-leese.
I'm ALL for women making their own INFORMED choice-women who do that don't usually question you at all. What I am sick of is someone starting a conversation with me in Coles about my tee shirt (peace, love, homebirth) and telling me that they could never have a homebirth because they had a 9 pound baby who had to be yanked out with forceps and thank god she already had the epidural in because she tore from arsehole to breakfast. We are even making women scared of 9 pound babies now-anything over 8 is fuge (no typo fucking+huge=fuge) and lucky to be alive apparently.

Well let me say (and I normally do)that I think that choosing the hospital ride is brave-extraordinarily brave. I get why people do, and more power to you if you go in there with guns blazing and get the birth you want, but don't pull the brave shit on me anymore. My chance of having major surgery(cesarean) is much less, as is my chance of an instrument delivery (had one of those the first time IN HOSPITAL and would like to never go through that again thanks)not to mention how important bonding and breastfeeding are (again-better rates at home!). Sorry if this sounds a little aggressive. I do wear the shirt to spark interest and conversation but getting told about how dangerous homebirth would be for a 9 pound baby just makes me want to pull my hair out.

Have we come this far from what normal birth looks like?
Sadly I think the answer is sometimes , yes.

Watch this space for posts about "I could never homeschool, I don't like spending that much time with my kids" and "If your child is not vaccinated my kid will catch diseases from yours" and other favorites.


Stitch Sista said...

lol, looking for the next editions :P.

Stitch Sista said...

That should have said looking forward to the next editions...yeah ok you knew what I meant!

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