Thursday, December 31, 2009


For next year instead of making resolutions I'm going to have some core values that I'm going to aim for.

BE CONSCIOUS- as a mother, as a consumer, when I'm eating

BE NURTURING- to myself, my kids, my relationships, the planet

BE TRUTHFUL- to myself and my ideals

BE JOYFUL- find joy in the everyday

BE GRATEFUL- for I truly live a blessed life

BE SUSTAINABLE- keep my footprint on the earth light

BE CONNECTED- to my kids, my husband, my family, my friends and to myself

LOVE- give it, take it, share it around

I found this post at Simple Mom "10 Questions to Encourage Engaged Parenting in 2010" Some questions worth asking for sure.

Whatever you are doing have a great new years eve and all the very best to you and your family for 2010. It's going to be a great year for me and I hope it is for you too.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We have chooks!

We are now the proud parents of 3 chickens :D They are all about 4 months old.

A silver silkie Tannah has named "White". Like "Pink" the singer apparently, but different.

A two tone brown silkie (I'm sure chicken enthusiasts know the real names lol)Willow has named "Cheeky Chicken"

And a white pekin bantam who we are yet to name. She is clearly the boss and a noisy, flighty girl. I like her, she has spunk.

They are inside in a portable cage today to escape the heat and I am enjoying listening to all the clucking and book booking going on. I am looking forward to collecting tiny eggs....

Ooooh I got an award!!

My very first awwww by the lovely Rach

The rules are to share 10 honest facts about myself then give the award to 7 other bloggers who inspire me

1-I am completely useless with money. If I have it, I spend it. Period.
2-when I was a vegetarian I often craved bbq chicken.
3-when I was giving birth to Tannah I was SURE she was coming out my bum.
4-after she was born it FELT like she HAD come out my bum. No one talks about how bloody sore your bum can be!
5-I think "Twilight" is one of the absolute worst books I've ever read.
6-I think my kids are super cute, probably cuter than your kids lol.
7-I have quite a few friends who have kids starting prep this year. Every time I hear talk or tweet or post about it I breathe a sigh of relief that it isn't us-even though I'm interested in their journey.
8-I have a pretty good and frequent sex life, especially considering that I have 3 young kids who co-sleep.
9-I cried watching a You Am I concert on TV about a year ago because I felt so sad for the death of the life I used to have before kids
10-I swear a fair bit. If you know me in person this will be no secret to you.

Now the passing on of the award...

Kate at Picklebums. Love her blog, love her family, love getting free rhubarb.

Sif at At The Bottom Of The Garden. Love a blog that is straight up and always a good read.

I'm really enjoying My House Smells Like Vanilla

Stacey at Two Little Lions. Great photos of her kids living the unschool life.

Natalie at Moeder Kip. Very talented Mama.

Ayla at Primal Home. I'm new to reading this blog and I'm really loving it.

Sazz at Ilithyia Inspired. A good birthy blog.

I'm going to give a special mention to Idzie at I'm unschooled. Yes I can write. She may not get the award cause she may not read my blog. But check hers out.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning-the photos :)

We had a lovely christmas. I won't go into a long story of our xmas day, but I will share some of the best photos of xmas morning.

Opening presents from Father Christmas


Twirling ribbons!



Harper with her rainstick (from Eco Toys)

Presents from Ning and Par


Willow with hers and Tannah's dolls from us (from Spiral Garden)


The only picture of Luke and I-taken by me first thing in the morning


And the big girls all dressed up and ready to go to xmas lunch (pants by Moeder Kip)Hair done at Tannah's request :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just in case you haven't read enough posts about Xmas preparation...

Here's mine!

Presents are bought and wrapped-hooray for me. Very pleased with both the amount spent and presents bought. There is enough xmas related shit glued to other shit in my house to make me feel that I have achieved some sort of craft for kids goal. There are 2 chickens (organic and free range thank you very much) begging for some thyme, sage (from my garden thank you very much),olive oil and a good roasting to take to xmas lunch. Weather has been forecast and outfits have been selected. As usual it's a big boo hiss to Melbourne and it's crapola weather. TWENTY degrees? Go fuck yourself, it's summer. Cards posted. Luke's birthday (xmas eve) present bought. Our tree is a big dead tree who is dropping needles all over the place. Who knew xmas could be about sweeping? Done supermarket but still need some premix cans for Luke from bottle shop. Need more rhubarb from the Picklefarm to make my rhubarb pie.
I am getting up early Thursday and doing a VIC market run. It's what I do on a Thursday and I'm too stubborn to change. That and we will need groceries. Planning to be home by 8am. Some baking to do and birthday celebrations for my lovely husband in store...

That is pretty much it!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Things I know

-some weeks just fly! Friday already??
-some days you just have to cancel plans and stay at home for some down time.
-feeling smug about having completed christmas shopping is hindering my wrapping and organizing efforts
-the pregnancy of a friend can be almost as exciting as being pregnant yourself-especially if your own baby making days are over
-teaching your kids to refer to loud cars as "bogans" might not be funny to everyone
-that you have become a true gardener when you venture out into the rain to retie your tomato plant to it's stake in the pouring rain
-my 2 and a half year old can still look like a baby when she is breastfeeding
-double organic cream on pikelets with jam=YUM
-my next Things I know will be in christmas morning aftermath...get ready christmas celebrating peeps!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My wonderful kids

I love them so much-you know kids like my kids. They look like this

It's always them who are naked, covered in paint &/or glue. It's my kids who are the ones at the supermarket in their fairy skirt/pajamas/odd shoes. It would be my child to be the one to tell the woman at Coles that "Harper came out of Mummy's BAGINA".
It's me scrubbing sour awful milk out of a wooden tea set after pretend got boring. It's my daughter who is the one peeing standing up next to the boys. When it rains there are a pile of clothes and shoes at my place drying out from puddle jumping. It's my kids who don't say sorry unless they actually feel sorry and do it unprompted. They are the ones with the brown bread sandwiches. The kids who dance and sing unashamedly. My kids are not afraid to say when they are happy, pissed off, scared or upset. It's them who strikes up conversations with strangers. They won't let me touch their hair or they do it themselves. They attend playgroup wearing gumboots, a hat and a nappy.

My amazing, wonderful, beautiful free range kids.
It's an honor to be part of the journey.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The story of stuff

OK so I am one of the last people to see this. If you have not seen this and you buy stuff ever it's worth a watch. It does go for 20 minutes though-you have been warned!

It did my head in.

I try to be careful with my consumption-mostly. But I still buy a whole heap of stuff I don't need. I talked about (I didn't really try, I'll admit) a consumption challenge last year. Buy less stuff, buy second hand, really think about whether the item is needed. But I didn't really try. I thought I did enough. I recycle, I buy (mostly) fair trade, I try to eat organic. It is not even close to enough. The society we live in screams BUY BUY BUY-you NEED that insert new product here. My kids do not live in a vacuum, I can see the want want & chuck chuck mentality already. It scares me. I feel like I really need to have a big think about how I buy and how I model buying to our kids.

Maybe need to rethink the consumption challenge....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

20 random facts about me

-My favorite kind of food is Thai-mmm satay anyone?
-I went to the Big Day Out 10 years in a row (well it wasn't on one of those years so 10 years in a row that it was on)
-I don't wear pants to bed. Undies but never pants. Can't do it, no matter how cold it is.
-I have read "The Stand" By Stephen King probably more than 30 times
-I was Jan in my high school production of Grease
-my jobs have included Maccas chick, hairdressers apprentice, pharmacy assistant, naturopath assistant and veterinary nurse.
-I'm a really good swimmer
-I don't have my tonsils or my wisdom teeth
-my first car was a Datsun 120Y. It was duckshit green.
-I have a serious cougar crush on Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in the harry Potter series)
-I was so obsessed with Nirvana that my friends feared for my mental health when Kurt Cobain killed himself.
-I have 6 tattoos
-I have camped out for concert tickets twice (Pearl Jam, Vs tour & Live, Secret Samadhi tour)
-I used to have nightmares about E.T the extra terrestrial as a kid
-Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind comes a close second
-I caught the bouquet at my friends wedding. I met my now husband a month later. The two people who caught the bouquet and garter at our wedding were the next two weddings that Luke and I went to. Even though they were both single at the time of our wedding.
-I love reality Television! As trashy as it is lol
-If was was a boy my name would have been Toby
-I am phobic of spiders. Really phobic.
-I used to smoke about 10-20 cigarettes a day. Seems eeewwww now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Things I know

-the only good fly is a dead one
-babies are way easier to take places when their sole love is breastmilk. Food gets messy, and must be packed in your bag
-the closest I get to a gig these days is The Wiggles. I'm OK with that.
-if you let the kids decorate the xmas tree you need to let go of any preconceived ideas of what it should look like
-there is such an immense satisfaction in cooking a whole meal from scratch and sharing it
-wooden tea sets are lovely, and will smell like milk forever from being filled with it by your 2 year old
-having paypal makes online shopping waaaay too easy
-a baby learning about gravity by dropping whatever she is holding on the floor a million times is necessary-and annoying
-when your 4 year old shows you a drawing ALWAYS ask her to tell you about it. NEVER guess. Unless you like upsetting and annoying your kids.
-hug your kids. They are ace and think the world of you-yes you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life B.C

Yes Before Children.
I looked at my toilet the other day, if you have one or more little kids using it it probably looks like mine. Pee on the seat (and the floor, always on the floor), random bits of toilet paper around, a step on the floor as well as a couple of toys. Now I tidy up in there a couple of times a day-remove toys, wipe seat (and floor!)and flush-but it always looks like that-unless you go in right after I tidy.

I used to be totally grossed out by that! Yukky pee everywhere and having to navigate some sort of seat &/or step for a little one. Now? Meh. Whatever. Glad it's not me who has to tidy it and usually stoked for some sort of step for my own kid to use.

And I used to be on time-always. And organized.

And have a point to my story

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

9 months


Harper is almost 9 months old. She will have spent more time earthside than inside! And it is that magic age of awareness and mobility for most babies. They start to realize that they are a separate entity from their Mama-not just one joined being. It must be scary to realize that you are separate, it's sad that most modern Mamas don't realize that until that age their baby wants them around all the time because it feels like a part of them is missing. And after they are scared because they have no concept of how long it might be before you come back. If you come back.

Harper appears to be gifted in this department lol. She has started wailing every time I put her down, which is usually to help one of her sisters with something that is tricky with a babe in arms. So not very convenient or easy for me at the moment-that's why I'm blogging this. To remind myself that she isn't being overly clingy or trying to annoy me on purpose. She is genuinely going though pretty big changes for a little person.

Also it will pass. And for me this will be the last baby-so the last in arms phase is coming to a close. Soon I will have a mobile baby who will be checking out more and more of the world and just coming back to me to check in (and feed!)from time to time. Soon my sling will be less for emotional and physical nurturing and more as a mode of transport for tired legs. I am writing this post to remind myself to enjoy my baby while she is still happy to spend all day in arms. Before long she will be wriggly and less fun to carry in a sling. And before I know it she will be a toddler and my much loved (and very well worn) sling will give way to the stroller and the ergo. Not the same as having my hip baby (in my Hip Bubby lol).

What will I do with myself when I don't have either a baby or a huge pregnant belly on my front??

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My name is Shae, I am a consumer.

I'm finding it easy to embrace the whole "lower my carbon footprint and be a good role model for the kids" thing but I still suck in one area. I'm a consumer. I LOVE to buy things and spend money. I like new stuff, pretty stuff and useful and useless stuff. I'm always want want want and have an "I want" list a mile long at all times.

I am trying to be more aware of my spending habits, buy only what we need and look for second hand first. But I find it really hard!

I have just started hitting the op shops regularly to buy clothes for Tannah-which will then be passed down to the other two-as well as filling any clothes gaps for them. I even got some extra cutlery we needed from there!
If I need some new stuff I write a list and hit the shopping centre ONCE. Saves me finding more bits and pieces to buy.
Some non essentials I've bought off eBay. I figure if it's second hand and reasonably priced then it's not that big of a deal.

But here are 2 things that are annoying me no end.
One is the towel situation. We have about 10 towels of all different colours and stages of life. There are about half that could probably maybe do with replacing-but they all do the job. What i want to do so badly is buy 10 towels, 4 hand towels and 2 bath mats-all brand spanking new and all the same colour! But it would cost a bomb and we don't need them but matching towels.....

The second is this-what is wrong with this picture?

Our toaster died a couple of months ago and we replaced it with a new one (we use a toaster enough to justify a brand newie lol)but the kettle.... It is still working fine, just fine. The problem is that it didn't magically change to match the new toaster! The consumer in me says go forth right now and buy a matching kettle and the frugal eco-living Mama I am striving for says I have to wait until it dies too then replace.

Patience is a virtue so I'm told...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Things I know

-taking 3 small kids big places isn't always as hard as you think it will be.
-rabbits can poo! A lot!
-putting the xmas tree up ensures I will hear the line "is Father Christmas coming TONIGHT?" a lot
-I always add my dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum cleaner to my grateful list
-a two year old can exert a crazy amount of force when you are trying to fold her into a carseat
-when my last baby reaches milestones it makes me a little sad
-making a meal that we all actually sit and eat and enjoy at the same time is lovely from time to time
-don't take kids through the carwash unless you a SURE they are not scared of it
-my 4 year old can be incredibly frustrating and amazingly beautiful at the same time
-if I drink a frozen coke every time I deliver one I'll be the one with the big belly!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cloth nappies


I have a system that works! It's taken me over 4 years and lots of buying and trying to be happy.
Tannah got to test drive pretty much everything lol. She started in old school terry squares and PUL covers. Then I went to playgroup-nappy nerds, the lot of them and I was introduced to modern cloth nappies. Fitteds and pockets and all-in-ones OH MY! And the colours! The fabrics! The lust to have all different kinds! There were hand knitted pants that doubled as nappy covers-who knew!

But when Willow came along I went to All in ones.

So easy to use! I'd had my fun with all the other variations (and spent a bomb on some one of a kinds-oops!)as soon as Willow was past the tiny stage when fitteds are fantastic I bought a complete stash from Bubblebubs and I must say they have been my faves-they are still my main stash-we have only had to replace a few and get more cause we have 2 in cloth!


It is only recently that we have been using cloth at night. I love Bumgenius! with extra boosters for night.

Gotta love the cloth bubble butt :-)

Using cloth is no big issue. I keep the wee ones in a nappy bucket with a lid but no water and the poo ones just go into a bit of water. Every 2nd day I do a wash. Easy. And it's fun! So many different types and some are soooo pretty! Check out these I want some of these pretty badly lol. Willow is even giving training pants a go.

A good place to check out is here at the Nappy Network-lots of good info about reusable nappies and links.

Don't write cloth off as too hard or messy. It can be heaps of fun and is really hardly a bother at all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day before shopping day pasta

Very exact lol

Look in your fridge and see what veggies you have left-
A leek maybe? Sad couple of dryish mushrooms? Random carrots?
Chop or grate all of these up.
Back to fridge. Look for anything that might make a sauce.
Think half a jar of pasta sauce, spoonful of leftover sour cream (smell it first!),crushed garlic. Stock? Tiny scraping of tomato paste that should have been put into last meal? Gather and put on bench.
Search pantry for whatever type of canned legume you have too many of.
Round up all the half and quarter packets of odd pasta.
If you have sad scraps of frozen peas and corn get that out too.

Put water on to boil.
Heat oil and sautee all the random veggies, add garlic (assuming it's not the week you buy garlic), dump all the odds and ends of sauce type stuff in. Add canned and frozen bits.
Cook pasta-take note that some will be overcooked and some almost raw if you put huge and tiny pasta in together.
Taste sauce. Go to herb garden and try and salvage with strong tasting herbs. Thyme or basil work well.
Pray there is cheese left to sprinkle over the top.
Get sauce tasting delicious by adding bits of condiments-think tamari, tahini, braggs-even milk will work in a pinch.

Serve up highly nutritious (it has a million ingredients)and surprisingly tasty meal.
Watch kids cry that dinner is "yuuuckkkieeeeee"and beg for cheese toastie-which would be OK except you have sprinkled the cheese on the top of the pasta and there is no bread left.
Find crackers for kids. Eat meal and realize that you will never be able to recreate it which sucks because it really is yummy!

Write shopping list.
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