Monday, December 7, 2009

9 months


Harper is almost 9 months old. She will have spent more time earthside than inside! And it is that magic age of awareness and mobility for most babies. They start to realize that they are a separate entity from their Mama-not just one joined being. It must be scary to realize that you are separate, it's sad that most modern Mamas don't realize that until that age their baby wants them around all the time because it feels like a part of them is missing. And after they are scared because they have no concept of how long it might be before you come back. If you come back.

Harper appears to be gifted in this department lol. She has started wailing every time I put her down, which is usually to help one of her sisters with something that is tricky with a babe in arms. So not very convenient or easy for me at the moment-that's why I'm blogging this. To remind myself that she isn't being overly clingy or trying to annoy me on purpose. She is genuinely going though pretty big changes for a little person.

Also it will pass. And for me this will be the last baby-so the last in arms phase is coming to a close. Soon I will have a mobile baby who will be checking out more and more of the world and just coming back to me to check in (and feed!)from time to time. Soon my sling will be less for emotional and physical nurturing and more as a mode of transport for tired legs. I am writing this post to remind myself to enjoy my baby while she is still happy to spend all day in arms. Before long she will be wriggly and less fun to carry in a sling. And before I know it she will be a toddler and my much loved (and very well worn) sling will give way to the stroller and the ergo. Not the same as having my hip baby (in my Hip Bubby lol).

What will I do with myself when I don't have either a baby or a huge pregnant belly on my front??


katepickle said...

Can't believe she is so big already!!! I'm sure it was only last month that we were all waiting with baited breath for her to arrive!

jenmac said...

That is beautiful - and something that I will remember in the months coming up...starting already. :)

Jossica M said...

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