Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day before shopping day pasta

Very exact lol

Look in your fridge and see what veggies you have left-
A leek maybe? Sad couple of dryish mushrooms? Random carrots?
Chop or grate all of these up.
Back to fridge. Look for anything that might make a sauce.
Think half a jar of pasta sauce, spoonful of leftover sour cream (smell it first!),crushed garlic. Stock? Tiny scraping of tomato paste that should have been put into last meal? Gather and put on bench.
Search pantry for whatever type of canned legume you have too many of.
Round up all the half and quarter packets of odd pasta.
If you have sad scraps of frozen peas and corn get that out too.

Put water on to boil.
Heat oil and sautee all the random veggies, add garlic (assuming it's not the week you buy garlic), dump all the odds and ends of sauce type stuff in. Add canned and frozen bits.
Cook pasta-take note that some will be overcooked and some almost raw if you put huge and tiny pasta in together.
Taste sauce. Go to herb garden and try and salvage with strong tasting herbs. Thyme or basil work well.
Pray there is cheese left to sprinkle over the top.
Get sauce tasting delicious by adding bits of condiments-think tamari, tahini, braggs-even milk will work in a pinch.

Serve up highly nutritious (it has a million ingredients)and surprisingly tasty meal.
Watch kids cry that dinner is "yuuuckkkieeeeee"and beg for cheese toastie-which would be OK except you have sprinkled the cheese on the top of the pasta and there is no bread left.
Find crackers for kids. Eat meal and realize that you will never be able to recreate it which sucks because it really is yummy!

Write shopping list.


MoederKip said...

LOL - I love surprise meals like that!

katepickle said...

that's what we had for dinner last night too.... but at least 2 out of three kids ate it!

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