Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just in case you haven't read enough posts about Xmas preparation...

Here's mine!

Presents are bought and wrapped-hooray for me. Very pleased with both the amount spent and presents bought. There is enough xmas related shit glued to other shit in my house to make me feel that I have achieved some sort of craft for kids goal. There are 2 chickens (organic and free range thank you very much) begging for some thyme, sage (from my garden thank you very much),olive oil and a good roasting to take to xmas lunch. Weather has been forecast and outfits have been selected. As usual it's a big boo hiss to Melbourne and it's crapola weather. TWENTY degrees? Go fuck yourself, it's summer. Cards posted. Luke's birthday (xmas eve) present bought. Our tree is a big dead tree who is dropping needles all over the place. Who knew xmas could be about sweeping? Done supermarket but still need some premix cans for Luke from bottle shop. Need more rhubarb from the Picklefarm to make my rhubarb pie.
I am getting up early Thursday and doing a VIC market run. It's what I do on a Thursday and I'm too stubborn to change. That and we will need groceries. Planning to be home by 8am. Some baking to do and birthday celebrations for my lovely husband in store...

That is pretty much it!

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