Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My wonderful kids

I love them so much-you know kids like my kids. They look like this

It's always them who are naked, covered in paint &/or glue. It's my kids who are the ones at the supermarket in their fairy skirt/pajamas/odd shoes. It would be my child to be the one to tell the woman at Coles that "Harper came out of Mummy's BAGINA".
It's me scrubbing sour awful milk out of a wooden tea set after pretend got boring. It's my daughter who is the one peeing standing up next to the boys. When it rains there are a pile of clothes and shoes at my place drying out from puddle jumping. It's my kids who don't say sorry unless they actually feel sorry and do it unprompted. They are the ones with the brown bread sandwiches. The kids who dance and sing unashamedly. My kids are not afraid to say when they are happy, pissed off, scared or upset. It's them who strikes up conversations with strangers. They won't let me touch their hair or they do it themselves. They attend playgroup wearing gumboots, a hat and a nappy.

My amazing, wonderful, beautiful free range kids.
It's an honor to be part of the journey.


anastasia_wolf said...

Three cheers for free range kids!!

katepickle said...

It's an honour to know them... and love them!

island girl said...

Beautiful Shae. Luv it!

I Thought I Knew Mama said...

What a beautiful portrait of your fam!

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