Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ooooh I got an award!!

My very first awwww by the lovely Rach

The rules are to share 10 honest facts about myself then give the award to 7 other bloggers who inspire me

1-I am completely useless with money. If I have it, I spend it. Period.
2-when I was a vegetarian I often craved bbq chicken.
3-when I was giving birth to Tannah I was SURE she was coming out my bum.
4-after she was born it FELT like she HAD come out my bum. No one talks about how bloody sore your bum can be!
5-I think "Twilight" is one of the absolute worst books I've ever read.
6-I think my kids are super cute, probably cuter than your kids lol.
7-I have quite a few friends who have kids starting prep this year. Every time I hear talk or tweet or post about it I breathe a sigh of relief that it isn't us-even though I'm interested in their journey.
8-I have a pretty good and frequent sex life, especially considering that I have 3 young kids who co-sleep.
9-I cried watching a You Am I concert on TV about a year ago because I felt so sad for the death of the life I used to have before kids
10-I swear a fair bit. If you know me in person this will be no secret to you.

Now the passing on of the award...

Kate at Picklebums. Love her blog, love her family, love getting free rhubarb.

Sif at At The Bottom Of The Garden. Love a blog that is straight up and always a good read.

I'm really enjoying My House Smells Like Vanilla

Stacey at Two Little Lions. Great photos of her kids living the unschool life.

Natalie at Moeder Kip. Very talented Mama.

Ayla at Primal Home. I'm new to reading this blog and I'm really loving it.

Sazz at Ilithyia Inspired. A good birthy blog.

I'm going to give a special mention to Idzie at I'm unschooled. Yes I can write. She may not get the award cause she may not read my blog. But check hers out.

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anastasia_wolf said...

That's what I get for not checking bloglines while on hols! Ta lovely! Will have to get thinking hehe.

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