Monday, December 14, 2009

The story of stuff

OK so I am one of the last people to see this. If you have not seen this and you buy stuff ever it's worth a watch. It does go for 20 minutes though-you have been warned!

It did my head in.

I try to be careful with my consumption-mostly. But I still buy a whole heap of stuff I don't need. I talked about (I didn't really try, I'll admit) a consumption challenge last year. Buy less stuff, buy second hand, really think about whether the item is needed. But I didn't really try. I thought I did enough. I recycle, I buy (mostly) fair trade, I try to eat organic. It is not even close to enough. The society we live in screams BUY BUY BUY-you NEED that insert new product here. My kids do not live in a vacuum, I can see the want want & chuck chuck mentality already. It scares me. I feel like I really need to have a big think about how I buy and how I model buying to our kids.

Maybe need to rethink the consumption challenge....


Stitch Sista said...

It is excellent food for thought to be sure.

We will be forced to start thinking more frugally next year so might be time for me to watch it again.

anastasia_wolf said...

I only watched it a month or so ago. Pretty damn challenging, even for someone is thinks she is aware and (mostly) frugal. I too still have my moments of "ooh I WANT that" and then it sits ans doesn't get used. I am getting better at sourcing thigs secondhand though, and resisting the urge to just buy stuff... I think it's retraining ourselves, we've been brought up as consumers so it does take a while to break that!

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