Friday, December 18, 2009

Things I know

-some weeks just fly! Friday already??
-some days you just have to cancel plans and stay at home for some down time.
-feeling smug about having completed christmas shopping is hindering my wrapping and organizing efforts
-the pregnancy of a friend can be almost as exciting as being pregnant yourself-especially if your own baby making days are over
-teaching your kids to refer to loud cars as "bogans" might not be funny to everyone
-that you have become a true gardener when you venture out into the rain to retie your tomato plant to it's stake in the pouring rain
-my 2 and a half year old can still look like a baby when she is breastfeeding
-double organic cream on pikelets with jam=YUM
-my next Things I know will be in christmas morning aftermath...get ready christmas celebrating peeps!

1 comment:

anastasia_wolf said...

LOL at smugness... I'm still making presents!

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