Sunday, January 17, 2010

And just like that..

Willow is different. Out of nappies and weaned!
She was recently using the potty at home-usually because she is nude and it's easy. But it became clear that she had quite a bit of awareness and control so I bit the bullet and put her in undies. I did have to buy some bloody brand new expensive brand name undies however because they are the only ones who make a size 1! All Tans old ones just fell down off her teeny tiny bum. It's been pretty good, Willow likes wearing undies and I like washing less nappies. Win win. We get the odd poo in the undies here and there but she'll get the hang of that in time.
Here is a photo of a much smaller Willow in a big nappy bum. Awwww memories.

Her weaning was somewhat surprising. I guess to a lot of you she may seem like too old to "still" be breastfeeding-especially next to her baby sister. On the other hand to a lot of you she probably seems way too young to wean! But for us it was the right time. She had stopped actually drinking milk. Just kind of holding my nipple in her mouth. That feels about as annoying as it sounds. I suggested maybe she might want to have cuddles instead. She said "I don't want to suck the milky anymore, just have a boo cuddle". So that's what she asks for. She comes and lies down in my lap for a "boo cuddle". There have been no tears. She did ask a couple of days in "why don't I have boo anymore" I told her it was because she didn't suck anymore. She was surprisingly cool with it. For a child who was such an intense feeder, who hung in there through a virtually non existent supply through Harper's pregnancy and who has been the most gracious and patient of tandem feeders it came as a shock that it ended just like that. I did nudge her, but it was only a nudge. And she stopped drinking milk weeks ago, I was just putting up with the awful dry suck/hold/licking because she seemed so small and I kept waiting for her to come back to the boo. But I was well and truly over it and she is well and truly OK with not feeding.
Here is her first feed
This is not her last but one of the last pics (I have nearly no recent ones)-and maybe the only tandem one, which sucks because I put in 10 months as a tandem Mama!

I'm sad, she seems like a bigger kid overnight. Even though she is back in size one pants lol. I will miss sharing my boo with her, I will not miss changing her nappy.

But I have this strange feeling about the fact that in a few years I won't be changing ANY nappies or giving ANYONE boo. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think when the time comes it will be bittersweet....then I might go away for the weekend.


anastasia_wolf said...

Awwww so bittersweet! Two milestones in one go.

MoederKip said...



katepickle said...

Beautiful girl....
It seems to be growing up time in our house too... tho not for the potty reason I am sad to say... still 2.5 must be the time to grow up!

loz said...

sniff sniff bittersweet indeed so happy though the transition has been easy on you all HUGS

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