Friday, January 22, 2010


My kids have gone Bindi Irwin mad. We have a couple of the DVD's and they are on high rotation.
I think she is a great role model for kids. Conservation and wildlife are great topics and it's clear she has her late Dad's passion. I know that she makes some people cringe and that some feel that she has been pushed into showbusiness but I have to disagree. I think she is following in her Dad's footsteps.
The shows have bought up lots of conversations about certain animals and had us borrowing various books from the library about them. It has also led to us borrowing some of the Crocodile Hunter series because Steve Irwin is following Bindi as a close second as Tannah's favorite person.

But I was not been prepared for how upset Tannah would be when she found out that he was dead. She has cried about it a few times. But the bit that breaks my heart is she cried for Bindi. She put herself in Bindi's shoes and imagined how sad she would be if Luke was not around. She can see that Bindi and Steve were close like her and Luke are and she feels empathy-and it upsets her. Which of course upsets me to see her upset...

Here is a song that Bindi made about her Dad after he died. Whatever you think about the Irwins she is a little girl who lost her Daddy.

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Stitch Sista said...

She is such her fathers daughter!

And I bet he truly had a lifetime of adventures with her before he passed.

It's great she has coped so well.

(And awww sweet Tannah)

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