Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I know

-31 seems older than 30...not sure why, just does.
-portable DVD players rock for big trips in the car
-dinner with good friends is good for the soul
-my kids would eat the same meal every night over and over if I could bring myself to cook it over and over
-they don't make undies small enough for kids with tiny bums
-when you have a sore nipple nothing is scarier than your toddlers big toothy mouth
-clean out the oven immediately after having a spill in it. Or smoke alarms will remind you to do this next time you cook
-flies don't really land on flypaper
-looking at old photos is lovely, and crap for body image.


anastasia_wolf said...

LOL Our fly paper catches vinegar flies at least, but yes it sucks for real flies! And I hear you on toddlers and sore nipples gah! And yes 31 does feel older than 30. Hmm, how about I just agree with it all ;).

katepickle said...

yep... 31 is ancient!

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