Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I think I am finding some long lost balance and I'm loving it.

I love to gather information. I LOVE reading books about everything and enjoy surfing forums and blogs for inspiration. Then I like to digest the information and think about what sits right for me. I usually chat with people about the books I've read and seek out people who have experience or passion in said subject and gather wisdom that way. Then I like to incorporate a bit of trial (and error) run to see how things actually fly in real life.

Here are a few areas which the dust has settled on-

Bedtime-we gave zen bedtime a bit of a go. Pretty much because when Luke is on shift I find putting 3 kids to bed by myself a giant PITA. It kind of worked-but I still "put" the kids to bed. Harper obviously still needs a lot of help (read boob) getting to sleep. When she is ready I feed her to sleep in bed. Easy. The big two are getting in the habit of asking when they are tired and I read some stories, we put a story CD on and I give everyone cuddles for a bit (we are all in the same bedroom-though Tannah has just started choosing to sleep in her own bed)and then I leave them to fall asleep. It's been that easy. It does mean that some nights bedtime is really late and some nights when it's clear that kids are tired I ask them to go. I did try just leaving them with much less wind down and we got much less sleep and much more whining.

Food-the whole "real food" approach to eating has been a HUGE winner. No tantrums from Willow, no snot from Willow and no hayfever from Luke! Everyone is so well it's not funny. The grocery bill is a little scary as raw milk and organic food does not come cheap but it's so worth it. Have bought some local lamb which was raised by a friend too. Something about actually knowing where my food comes from just feels good. Have been baking lots too-home made snacks earn brownie points for sure lol. At any rate it just feels good to be eating real, whole food. No fake rubbish, no "replacement" stuff, no diet. It's still tricky trying to avoid additives and sourcing raw milk and pasture fed meat/eggs but that is all getting easier.

Homeschool stuff- I think there is a misconception that if you use the description unschooling that you will NEVER pick up a work book or actively teach your child anything-just let them figure it all out for themselves. It is a child led style of learning so if your child wants to do workbooks all day-with no parental pressure then let them go for it I say! Tannah is showing interest in learning to read and write..some days lol. So we are just playing it by ear and she's picking up bits here and there. Some days she wants to do Reading Eggs for an hour, some days she wants to draw pictures and some days she wants me to read to her book after book after book. And some days she is a fairy princess pony queen who will only answer to "fairy Tannah". Feeling the trust and trying to unschool myself of ideas on how it "should" be.

Hope balance is finding you too :)

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