Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Monday!

Monday has become "crazy busy day" around here.
We have a birthing and babies support/social group that meets up in the morning and I still catch up with my original first mothers group in the afternoon. Throw in a Home Education network meet up in between today and we had a FULL ON busy but very lovely day.
We are considering taking Willow to ballet on Monday afternoon. Conveniently it starts half an hour after mothers group finishes. Willow is banging on and on and on and ON about ballet. And asking why, why, why, WHY can't she go and do it?
But that will make 3 weekly events one after the other each Monday-with a HEN meeting in between every so often.

So do I or don't I give ballet a try???


anastasia_wolf said...

I'm trying to think of Imogen at ballet.

Noooooooooooooo! Run away! LOL

katepickle said...

go on.... ditch mothers group for ballet... you know you want to LOL

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