Thursday, February 4, 2010

in other news...

Have been a slack blogger of late. Only in the writing-there has been plenty of reading! A catch up in point form.

-Willow has unweaned. Back on the boob with gusto, and she's drinking so I'm happy.
-Harper is teething or something. Not sleeping and super restless. Which means I am not sleeping.
-My first unschooling group was a success! And it looks like there will be more there next week.
-no eggs yet from the chickens. Luke wants to put a stock pot in the corner as warning.
-Luke is attempting to make balance bikes by taking pedals etc off old bikes from the tip shop. There is swearing coming from the garage as I write.
-Tannah is sleeping kind of sort of in her own bed. She has been sleeping on camping stretcher bunks (the top of course) since we put them together to try them out (eBay purchase). She LOVES the bed-but insists on it being crammed in our bedroom. It's still progress. I'll take it.
-I am rocking home made dinner every single night. Delicious!

I'm also planning another blog about the sustainable home growney anti consumtiony type stuff-as soon as I can get a name that I like that no one else has yet!

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